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Ardwin Freight

Founded in 1988, Ardwin Freight is one of the largest and most well respected asset-based regional truckload carriers, operating in the western U.S.The company was looking for a small and affordable tracker to covertly track their trailers.

"We needed a tracking solution that offers a simple activation process, and runs on its own power for many years. So we don't have to wire it, and we can covertly install it. The hoopoSense tracker does exactly that."

ICL Group

A multinational manufacturing concern that develops, produces, and markets fertilizers, metals, and other special-purpose chemical products.The company was looking to track its de-coupled trailer fleet in order to generate complete fleet visibility and improve dispatching operations, and trailer utilization.

"Following the installation of the hoopoSense tracking system, we have seen a 10% improvement in trailer utilization. Search time for trailers, which in the past included manual search and frequent calls, has been reduced from an average of 45 minutes to seconds."

Airport Ground Operations

A professional organization that continually challenges itself to solve society’s problems and innovate, going beyond the boundaries of logistics and expanding into medical, airport operations, and more.The company was looking to improve ground operations efficiency at Kansai International Airport.

"Technology can help ground handlers deliver high-quality services to their airline clients by creating affordable visibility to their fleet of cargo dollies with the aim of eliminating manual search and improving turnaround times."

Waste Hauling
Waste Container Tracking

Several waste haulers operating or leasing fleets of 100s-1,000s of roll-off containers.Customers were looking for a battery-operated tracker that can notify of movement of containers, or alert on idle containers at customer locations.

"Using the hoopoLogic platform we improved our operations efficiency by up to 15% and significantly increased the monthly amount of pickups.""

Chassis Tracking

Chassis operators and leasing companies are using the hoopoSense tracking solution to gain visibility to inventory of available chassis in pools, reduce idle-time, and create predictive maintenance programs.Customers were looking for a tracking solution that takes less than five minutes to install and lasts for 5-7 years using off-the-shelf AA batteries.

"Using "Once the chassis leaves the gate it becomes invisible. It is key for us to know when and where the chassis is moving once it leaves a pool. Hoopo's tracking solution gives us reliable data on chassis locations, while maintaining an extremely long battery-life, and a very affordable cost."

Waste Hauling

Several Municipalities are using the hoopoSense system to track and monitor disposal services for various types of assets (roll-offs, compactors, and underground containers) for service verification and contractual compliance.Customers were looking for a concealed, long-lasting solution to detect disposal of waste containers, and alert on unauthorized movements.The hoopoSense trackers are easy to deploy and mount on different type of assets. Once the trackers were installed and the data flow began, our daily operations became much more efficient.

"The hoopoSense trackers are easy to deploy and mount on different type of assets. Once the trackers were installed and the data flow began, our daily operations became much more efficient."

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