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Track movements.
Make them count

From fleet management to global shipping, Hoopo enables a modern era in logistics and supply chain.
Built for the modern supply chain
In partnership with our customers from various industries, we've identified the most important blind spots and solved them - showing real results on the bottom line.

Once we understand how your assets move, we can both reduce cost of operations as well as open opportunities for more value driven business models.

No more data gaps or blind spots on the map and sleepless nights.

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Our customers typically have a need for the peace of mind that a real-time status operation gives - as well as the ability to take take action as soon as an issue occurs.
The Hoopo dashboard is set up to give you just that - as well as options to dive deep into the data of your operations and see where you can optimize and innovate.
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Combined technologies able to track everywhere

Rugged | Built to withstand harsh environments

Reliable | With Hoopo, you’ll never encounter gaps in your tracking data

Long lasting | Unique power-efficient tracking to enable unprecedented battery life

Affordable | Cost of ownership that makes sense

The operations heartbeat - always in reach

Whatever you move, interruptions in the flow often need to be resolved immediately to avoid cascading delays and bottlenecks.

Hoopo's mobile app gives you both an easy status overview on the go and alerts you based on rules you define.
This means that a chassis business and a maritime shipping business can both use Hoopo but have completely different prioritized information, rules and alerts, making the platform work optimally for your operation.

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Whatever you move,
make it count