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Tracking for Waste Containers

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Enhance dispatch processes, increase container utilization, and improve operational efficiency.

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By bringing waste containers online, Hoopo empowers your business to operate more efficiently and drive substantial improvements to your bottom line.
Gain immediate insights - With Hoopo's customizable dashboard, you can quickly access and visualize your specific insights.
Effortlessly install Hoopo’s standalone trackers in five minutes featuring extreme power efficiency, providing the longest-lasting battery life on the market.
With Hoopo's built-in tilt-detector, both the location and status of a dumpster are tracked, meaning no dumpster will sit idle without notice.
Introducing modern waste hauling
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Continuous Visibility
When we talk visibility, we are not limited to the location of a container.

With Hoopo, you can monitor all movements of your assets and spot irregularities and unauthorized movement.

Over time, improving the utilization of your assets with tracking delivers real bottom line results.
Confirmed Drop-off and Pickup
Based on the the exact movement and stationary time of a container, Hoopo detects drop-off and pickup.

This improves dispatching and allows for much more detailed invoicing of customers.
Loss and Theft Prevention
Loss and theft are unfortunately a reality when leaving assets in various locations. With Hoopo, your can not only see the location of your assets in real time, you can also set up alerts based on a geofence.

Any container that is out of bounds will immediately trigger an alert in the dashboard on your computer or smartphone.
At Hoopo, we're dedicated to your success with tracking:
Tailored Installation: Expert assistance for installation and mounting on specific asset types.
Guidance for Optimal Results: Ongoing support to help you achieve the best outcomes.
Platform Set-Up: Ensuring your platform is optimized for maximum value.
Sector-Specific Insights: Industry best practices for effective tracking analysis.
Custom Configuration: Fine-tuning the solution to match your unique business needs.
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