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Tracking for Dry Containers

Unlock the black box in shipping

With Hoopo tracking you always know where your containers are and where they are headed. No more data gaps or lost containers.
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This is how we get rid of the black box and bring container shipping into the modern era. With this unbroken stream of information, you are able to optimize your logistics business and deliver a much better experience to your own customers and their customers.
The hoopoSense Solar trackers feature the longest-lasting battery in the industry. With 12+ years of operation, in any condition, ensuring uninterrupted operations and no data loss.
Gain immediate insights into container operations with Hoopo’s customizable platform. Transform assets into smart containers for enhanced security and operational efficiency.
Let's modernize container shipping
Create visibility for your partners and customers, elevate customer service, and streamline exception handling across your business with Hoopo’s robust solution.
How our customers make every move count
Enhanced Fleet Security
Strengthen security measures and protect valuable assets with continuous container visibility, door-open and shock detection, ensuring the safety and integrity of your customers’ cargo.
Inland Tracking
Monitor and track inland movements in real-time, enabling timely response to disruptions or customer queries.
Improved Operations
Gain visibility into container movements milestones globally to uncover bottlenecks, anomalies, and distruption, to optimize routes and resource allocation, and optimize your entire supply chain.
At Hoopo, we're dedicated to your success with tracking:
Tailored Installation: Expert assistance for installation and mounting on specific asset types.
Guidance for Optimal Results: Ongoing support to help you achieve the best outcomes.
Platform Set-Up: Ensuring your platform is optimized for maximum value.
Sector-Specific Insights: Industry best practices for effective tracking analysis.
Custom Configuration: Fine-tuning the solution to match your unique business needs.
The Hoopo road to success
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