hoopo is a provider of low-power tracking and monitoring solutions. hoopo offers low ownership costs enabled by a cutting-edge low-power technology. The unique abilities of hoopo's geolocation technology and LPWA (Low-Power, Wide-Area) communication protocols allow devices to transmit messages to long ranges (several miles) while allowing batteries to last for years. hoopo has developed an end-to-end tracking solution providing all you need to solve challenges around monitoring and tracking of assets within locations of interest (e.g. airports, DCs, vehicle yards.).



A smart device is attached to

valuable asset



The device transmits the 
data to the gateway


Application API

The data flows to
 hoopo's server

The customer receives the data in our user-friendly platform   


hoopo's devices offer tracking and on-demand environmental monitoring while maintaining low-power consumption and years of battery life. The team has invested years in developing algorithms to enable a top-notch end-to-end solution. The devices use the LoRa™ communications protocol to enable low-power, wide-area connectivity. Hoopo's unique geolocation solution enables low-power and GPS-less tracking of assets in large campuses.


hoopo's dashboard offers visibility to assets' location and status. It uses sophisticated algorithms that help identify different phases of the logistics' cycle based on devices' movement and behavior intervals. This allows our analytic system to report real-time alerts crucial for optimizing logistics efficiency. It also allows various configurations of new rules and new types of alerts and the generation of Marco-Business-Intelligence enabled by this type of monitoring.