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Tracking for Chassis & Trailer

Get more out of your chassis fleet

Detailed information about chassis/trailer movement will make your operation more streamlined, increase utilization and open up new ways of doing business.
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For any operator or fleet owner, ensuring that your assets are utilized to the fullest, is key to being profitable.
With Hoopo's built-in load detector, both the location and availability of a chassis are tracked, meaning no chassis will sit idle without notice.
Hoopo's robust platform provides immediate access to your specific views, reports, and analytics. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.
Effortlessly install Hoopo’s standalone trackers in five minutes featuring extreme power efficiency, providing the longest-lasting battery life on the market.
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Asset Utilization
Optimize capital investment by maintaining the fleet size you truly need and replacing equipment based on actual usage, not just age.

The Hoopo platform serves as a valuable source of information for making on-the-go financial decisions and facilitating effective financial planning.
Exceptional Handling
Efficiently manage uncommon or irregular situations that may arise during transportation operations.

Hoopo provides real-time alerts and insights to address and resolve issues promptly, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.
Enhanced Fleet Security
Chassis that get lost are both a financial loss and cause frustrating interruptions to logistics operations.

With Hoopo, you'll know as soon as an asset leaves its designated area, and be able to see exactly where it is.
At Hoopo, we're dedicated to your success with tracking:
Tailored Installation: Expert assistance for installation and mounting on specific asset types.
Guidance for Optimal Results: Ongoing support to help you achieve the best outcomes.
Platform Set-Up: Ensuring your platform is optimized for maximum value.
Sector-Specific Insights: Industry best practices for effective tracking analysis.
Custom Configuration: Fine-tuning the solution to match your unique business needs.
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