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Tracking for Ground Support Equipment

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For ground support, time is essential. With Hoopo, your teams can deliver superb ground operations instead of looking for equipment.
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By providing real-time visibility and accurate information, Hoopo empowers ground operators to improve overall operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver a seamless experience to passengers and airlines.
With Hoopo's built-in load detector, both the location and availability of a chassis are tracked, meaning no chassis will sit idle without notice.
Gain immediate insights - With Hoopo's customizable dashboard, you can quickly access and visualize your specific insights.
Effortlessly install Hoopo’s standalone trackers in five minutes featuring extreme power efficiency, providing the longest-lasting battery life on the market.
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Inventory Management
Maintain an accurate record of dollies inventory to optimize operations based on available equipment.

Eliminate the need for manual searches or wasted trips by drivers to find equipment that may not be in its designated location.
Predictive Maintenance
Monitor equipment health and usage data to proactively plan maintenance strategies.

Receive timely alerts and insights on maintenance needs, allowing you to schedule repairs or replacements before equipment breakdowns occur, minimizing operational disruptions.
Fleet Size Adjustment
Utilize tracker data to assess the actual usage and performance of unpowered ground support equipment.

Make informed decisions regarding fleet size adjustments, optimizing resource allocation and minimizing unnecessary expenses.
At Hoopo, we're dedicated to your success with tracking:
Tailored Installation: Expert assistance for installation and mounting on specific asset types.
Guidance for Optimal Results: Ongoing support to help you achieve the best outcomes.
Platform Set-Up: Ensuring your platform is optimized for maximum value.
Sector-Specific Insights: Industry best practices for effective tracking analysis.
Custom Configuration: Fine-tuning the solution to match your unique business needs.
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