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Maman Group equips their cargo dolly fleet with the Hooposense tracking solution
Airside International
By Eddie Saunders
February 7, 2022

Hoopo, a leading global provider of power-efficient asset tracking solutions, is announcing another rollout of its GSE tracking solution for the Maman Group.

Maman is the number-one cargo handling agent at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport and has rolled out a GSE tracking solution to optimize its cargo operations.

Maman has fully equipped its fleet of cargo dollies with the HoopoSense tracking device to gain complete dolly visibility across the airport grounds.

Ronen Nissan, the Operational Excellence Manager of Maman Group, said: “Maman is always striving for innovation and is looking at unique and cost-effective ways to improve terminal operations.”

Hoopo’s tracking solution transforms ground support equipment into a smart, manageable digital system within minutes.

This digital system enables complete control over ground operations by increasing dollies utilization, automatically allocating dollies within the airport to prepare for peak hours, and enhancing on-time performance, all from the palm of your hand (or using a mobile app).

It helps eliminate manual searches and monitors dollies’ real-time inventory for rapid on-demand retrieval.

The result is better customer service, more efficient operations, and lower procurement and maintenance costs.

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