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HOOPO and CLYDE MACHINES announce partnership
Airside International
By Eddie Saunders
November 22, 2022

Hoopo Systems LTD., a leading global provider of cutting-edge, low-cost, power-efficient tracking solutions, and Clyde Machines Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, announce today, a partnership to significantly boost airport ground cargo operations.

To prevent bottlenecks and help ground handling companies optimize resource allocation and utilization, Clyde Machines and Hoopo Systems created a ‘Smart Dolly’ initiative.

The Smart Dolly is equipped with either a tracking device, a load sensor, or both to enable location and availability status data of the entire dolly fleet at any given time.

This provides a much more efficient way to monitor dolly movements and reveal idle and misplaced assets.

The Smart Dolly lets ground handlers better prepare for peak hours, allocate their dollies within and between airports, and provide data to ‘right size’ the dolly fleet.

This results in decreasing unnecessary procurement costs, carbon footprint caused by unnecessary movements, and more timely cargo loading and unloading.

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