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Finally – Affordable, Low-Power Tracking for Dumpster Management
Waste 360
By Tal Leemor
September 2, 2020

hoopo, a leader in low-power custom tracking solutions, is launching hoopoLogic Waste – a new LPWA (low-power, wide-area) tracking solution positioned to revolutionize the waste containers’ management industry.

Idling, misuse, operator error, and asset misplacement are classic challenges in waste management. Once a roll-off dumpster has been picked for disposal, its location and usage are unknown. The sheer volume of equipment in the field makes it challenging to keep tabs on it and utilize it efficiently. The opportunity for abuse is extremely high.

Unfortunately, prior tracking technologies were usually too expensive or inefficient for industries that maintain large asset inventories. This was due to the infrastructure required to track large fleets over a wide area or short battery lifespan that required frequent maintenance. Since waste management operates on a nationwide scale, it was excluded from taking advantage of the benefits offered by short-range tracking solutions.

The hoopoLogic Waste tracking solution transforms non-powered assets (such as dumpsters) into a smart manageable system. Within five minutes and using a couple screws, the rugged hoopoSense tracking device can be attached to roll-off dumpsters, skips, compressors and more. It then provides the location of the assets and can alert waste haulers of key events such as dumpster’s movement, waste collection times, disposals and usage. The data is easily accessible via the web-based hoopo Dashboard both from desktop and mobile (APIs are also available).

How does the hoopoSence tracker Help Waste Management Operators?

hoopoSence tracking devices are the heart of hoopoLogic Waste solution. These affordable trackers are incredibly durable and can provide location of waste containers while maintaining a long-lasting battery life. They are easily attached to waste containers to create an interconnected web that provides instant visibility and actionable insights.

hoopoLogic Waste enables increased asset utilization that directly affect the operations’

top line. Operators can audit container movements and disposal times while preventing unauthorized use and waste disposal. For leasing companies, the solution allows data-based, pay-as-you-throw pricing models to autonomously audit container usage.

Your fleet is at your fingertips, no matter where it is.

Get More Value from Your Existing Flee

hoopoLogic Waste is an affordable solution that helps you better manage your existing assets.

With hoopoLogic Waste, managers are no longer operating blind. They’ll know exactly how each asset is being used at any given time. This has a significant impact on an operator’s bottom line.

Main Benefits:

  • Optimize assets’ utilization & detect idle assets to prevent over-purchasing
  • Monitor locations & times of waste disposal
  • Boost operational efficiency and profitability
  • Maintain current and historical analytics to improve asset allocation
  • Increase customer satisfaction and service-level excellence
  • Ensure compliance with regulations

Solution Highlights:

  • Gain full visibility over waste fleet on one map
  • Suite of LPWA technologies ensure years of battery life
  • Automatically generate analytics and alerts to enable immediate corrective action
  • Standalone durable tracking devices that withstands harsh industrial environments - IP67 certified
  • Features both mobile & web interfaces
  • Risk free: No capital investment, based on monthly subscription
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