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Hoopo Unveils hoopoSense Titan: Redefining Chassis/Trailer Tracking with Real-Time Fleet Intelligence
February 6, 2024

Hoopo,a leading pioneer in unpowered fleet tracking solutions, announced today thelaunch of the hoopoSense Titan - a revolutionary tracker designed specifically for chassis andtrailer operators seeking real-time insights and maximized operationalefficiency. Drawing on Hoopo'sextensive expertise in the transportation industry, the hoopoSense Titan breaksthe convention of battery operated trackers by delivering unmatched lifetime,performance, reliability, and data richness. 

The introduction of hoopoSense Titan trackers offers the longest battery life in the market and presents groundbreaking features (such as container detection) that provide unrivaled visibility and traceability. The immensely configurable tracking technology autonomously adapts to specific operational needs, optimizing reliability and power-consumption to enable sustainable, long-lasting, fleet intelligence.


Each tracker operates multiple wireless technologies for both location captures and backhaul communication to ensure seamless data flow, anywhere on Earth. Using Cell-ID,Wi-Fi Sniffing, GPS and other location technologies, guarantees accurate positioning, even in harsh environments such as tunnels or hangars. Additionally, the trackers come with a built in advanced mount detector with short detection range for increased detection accuracy & more mounting flexibility. This feature, alongside a unique rule-engine, allows operators to make data-driven decisions based on the actual location and availability of equipment. 


By configuring the hoopoSense Titan to report breadcrumbs (location while on the move), chassis or trailers operators gain automated in-gate and out-gate notifications from geofences; they can better predict arrival times, identify potential bottlenecks, and quickly implement corrective measures to mitigate anomalies in their supply chain. Real-time detection of shock and mount/unmount events, capabilities that are integrated into the tracker, allow continuous monitoring of the status of the trailer at all times.

The hoopoSense Titan expands Hoopo's existing offerings, creating a comprehensive fleet tracking portfolio perfectly suited for a diverse range of unpowered assets and operational needs. These solutions empower fleet operators to gain real-time visibility, optimize data insights, maximize asset value, and enhance customer experience.

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