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Hoopo Awarded with 2024 Top Supply Chain Projects Award for Innovative Container Tracking Solution
June 27, 2024

Hoopo has been recognized with the prestigious 2024 Top Supply Chain Projects award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. This award highlights our successful collaboration with ZIM Integrated Shipping Services to deliver an innovative and impactful solution for optimizing and enhancing the supply chain.

In partnering with ZIM, a leading shipping line, Hoopo designed the cutting-edge hoopoSense Solar tracking device – the ultimate solution for tracking and monitoring dry containers. By addressing the challenges with existing solutions and listening to ZIM's insights regarding the market needs, this development resulted in a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes smart containers.

The hoopoSense Solar boasts a military-grade solar panel engineered to operate effectively in suboptimal sun conditions, ensuring reliable performance in real-world operational environments. Coupled with advanced charging and power preservation algorithms, this tracker maintains an exceptional battery life of over 15 years, ensuring containers remain "smart" throughout their entire lifespan. This breakthrough in battery life, combined with a quick and simple installation process, is crucial for large-scale deployments across millions of assets in shipping line fleets.

Additionally, the tracker features an integrated door-open detection system, the first of its kind, enabling the monitoring of container integrity without the need for additional sensors, saving time and reducing costs.

To address connectivity and reliability challenges faced by existing tracking solutions, the hoopoSense Solar tracker utilizes a combination of cutting-edge location and wireless technologies that automatically interoperate to maintain visibility anywhere in the world. Furthermore, its unique mounting method allows the tracker to function as a BLE hub, enabling the integration of additional sensors or smart tags both inside and outside the container. This flexibility supports the collection of comprehensive data, enhancing fleet management and cargo visibility.

The deployment of Hoopo's solution enables ZIM to improve service delivery, optimize operational efficiency, and strengthen its competitive position in the maritime logistics sector. Hoopo's open system approach ensures seamless integration with ZIM's existing processes and systems, including bill of lading (BL) data and port geofencing. This allows ZIM to provide their customers with real-time visibility into the status of their shipments, improving overall service quality and operational efficiency.

Hoopo's innovation offers a groundbreaking approach to fleet management by leveraging a unique combination of location technologies and communication networks. This powerful solution unlocks end-to-end asset and cargo visibility, empowering fleet operators with complete control over their operations and the ability to make informed decisions in real-time, while driving customer satisfaction to new heights.

We are grateful for this recognition as we continue to drive innovation in the global supply chain industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

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