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Container #53
30.8162, 76.2494
20  C

Power-Efficient Waste Tracking Solutions


Tracking and monitoring waste containers is crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and optimizing waste management processes.

hoopo's power-efficient tracking solutions, through a 5-minute simple installation, transform waste containers into a smart and manageable system that enables data gathering about container movement, location, waste collection times, and rightful use

The hoopoSenceC trackers combine a suite of low-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies to enable long-lasting batteries and affordable costs.

Smart algorithms interoperate positioning technologies and connectivity technologies networks and generate location-data based on use case's needs to create valuable insights while assuring extreme power-efficiency. The data is analyzed in the hoopocloud and displayed in an easy-to-use web-based platform. hoopoLogic Waste is specifically designed to deliver a tailored tracking solution for fleet managers


Optimize containers' utilization and allocation
Complete visibility of container fleet on one map
Audit customer’s usage and monitor waste disposal
Create data-based, pay-as-you-throw pricing models 

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Container #57

20  C

Impact Detected


Configurable alerts enable immediate corrective action
Prevent misplacement & loss

  hoopoSenseC Tracker

Stand-alone compact & durable devices
Bi directional cellular communication  
Years of battery life 
Environmental monitoring
Wi-Fi sniffing 
IP67 Certified (dust-proof & waterproof)
Low-to-high temperature-resistant

5- Minutes plug-and-play installation


  • Features both mobile & web interfaces

  • See all your assets on an interactive map

  • Turns data into actionable insights

  • Get current and historic analytics

  • Customised to the client's demands

  • Real-time alerts including geofencing