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Hoopo is an international tracking solution that offers complete visibility across operations, Hoopo empowers aviation, transportation, and waste management customers to make informed business decisions.

Like many other companies using The People’s Network, Hoopo was created to address a gap in the market: tracking for non-powered assets. Founded by five individuals with extensive expertise in geolocation technologies and radio communications, Hoopo turns location-based data into actionable insights via intuitive mobile and web dashboards.


Trash to Trucks: The Future of Asset Tracking


Hoopo supports logistic operations for customers such as ICL, a multi-national chemical logistics company, and KGS, an international logistics company based in Japan, by unlocking continuous asset visibility with a multi-technology sensor that boasts years of battery life. This solution also includes an “autonomous firmware” that helps trackers optimize performance over time — making it one of the most long-lasting trackers in the world.

The hoopoSense tracker is changing the world, one LongFi ping at a time. Customers using this innovative solution today include fleet owners tracking transportation journeys and inventories, waste haulers improving cycle times and service verifications, and airports decreasing turnaround times and cargo retrievals. Companies in these sectors often own millions of non-powered assets that have a direct effect on their core business. With a plug-and-play solution, users can easily improve asset management using location-based tracking across wide areas.


Four Major Value Propositions

The People’s Network makes these use cases and much more possible by enabling power-efficient devices with global connectivity at a fraction of the cost. When paired with Hoopo’s solution, thousands of assets are accounted for with real-time location tracking. This equates to:

  1. Automatic service with an easy-to-use web platform

  2. More accurate inventory counts

  3. Improved efficiencies

  4. Lower operating costs

Additionally, hoopoSense automatically switches to a mobile carrier for continuous data transmission in the event that a device travels outside of The People’s Network momentarily. For customers like airports, which may not have existing coverage due to large real estate requirements, Hoopo supplies Hotspots for supplementary support.


Why Hoopo?

With Hoopo, customers can rest assured that every need will be attended to. Detail-oriented at every step of the way, even “Hoopo” holds significance: “Hoo” finds etymology in “it’s” while “Po” means “here” to represent Hoopo’s continuous tracking. Plus, the Hoopoe is the national bird of Israel and the location of Hoopo’s original headquarters.

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